Privacy Policy

Purchases are final. You acknowledge that you are buying these cards for (a) your own use or the use of your immediately family, (b) as gift(s), or (c) for resale, and if for resale you acknowledge that you are at least 16 years of age, that you have no employee, agency, partnership, or other business affiliation with [Omaha Smart Card, whatever the name is] and that in the course of your resale of the cards it is upon you to comply with all applicable laws including labor laws which, for example, restrict the employment of individuals under the age of 16, and door-to-door sales, which may provide buyers a 3-day right to rescind their purchase, may require a permit from the relevant municipal jurisdiction, may limit times during the day in which sales may be made.

You hereby represent to [Omaha Smart Card] that you will comply with all such applicable laws and indemnify and hold harmless [Omaha Smart Card] from any damage [Omaha Smart Card] may incur as a result from your negligent or intentional failure to comply with all applicable laws relevant to the resale of the cards including [Omaha Smart Card]’s attorney’s fees.

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