The Smart Card features businesses which offer discounts on products and services to cardholders!
New in 2022! The Omaha Smart Card has teamed up with The Best of Omaha. We have 48 “Best of Omaha” Dining winners on the front of the card with the old school check box redemption. The back of the card features exciting local entertainment offers and a Smart Card Mobile App membership code.

As a Smart Card Mobile App member you can save with deals where you live, work, and play. Don’t pay full price, just show the mobile discount on your phone at checkout. We have thousands of private discounts. Most deals are not available to the public and can only be accessed by members.
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No matter what the event the Omaha Smart card is the ideal solution for your business or organization. Fundraising discount cards for all your events! It’s the ideal solution for non for profit and 501-C3 or organizations. The Omaha Smart Card has been an option for a variety of organizations and have been serving Omaha for 9 years. It is one of the highest pay-out in the industry, of up to 75% of all proceeds directly to the organization involved.

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The 2023 Omaha Smart Card.
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Smart Card Reader
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    The Smart Card is a Winning solution for you, the business sponsor and the cardholders.

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    You benefit by the money generated from sales of the discount cards.

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    The sponsoring business benefits by free advertising and increased patronage.

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    The cardholder benefits by receiving continuous discounts at each business listed on the card.

Fund Raising

Be Smart - Buy Smart

Looking for a simple and effective way to raise money for your organization?

The Smart Card is the answer!

We have been helping organizations raise money for over a decade. What sets us apart is the consignment option. This is the plan that most groups use, we will provide your organization with Smart Cards at no up front cost, when your fundraiser is completed give us back the unsold cards and $5 per card sold. Thats right you keep 75% of the money with no risk to your organization.

Your organization Wins - when you see how simple the process is and how much money you can raise!

Merchants Win - because of the Smart Cards increase their sales and number of customers!

Customers Win - Because they save money at restaurants and businesses all while supporting your great cause!


Call Ryan (619) 804-8565 or Mark (402) 332-1111 for Consignment Program information.

50 Cards

$ 500 .00 /month

10 Cards

$ 150 .00 /month

1 Card

$ 20 .00 /month

Get In Touch

Interested in using the Smart Card as your next fundraiser. Drop us a line today.

Purchases are final. You acknowledge that you are buying these cards for (a) your own use or the use of your immediately family, (b) as gift(s), or (c) for resale, and if for resale you acknowledge that you are at least 16 years of age, that you have no employee, agency, partnership, or other business affiliation with [Omaha Smart Card, whatever the name is] and that in the course of your resale of the cards it is upon you to comply with all applicable laws including labor laws which, for example, restrict the employment of individuals under the age of 16, and door-to-door sales, which may provide buyers a 3-day right to rescind their purchase, may require a permit from the relevant municipal jurisdiction, may limit times during the day in which sales may be made.

You hereby represent to [Omaha Smart Card] that you will comply with all such applicable laws and indemnify and hold harmless [Omaha Smart Card] from any damage [Omaha Smart Card] may incur as a result from your negligent or intentional failure to comply with all applicable laws relevant to the resale of the cards including [Omaha Smart Card]’s attorney’s fees.

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