Looking for a simple and effective way to raise money for your organization?

The Smart Card is the answer!

The Smart Card contains Thousands of dollars in Savings.  Offers from over 150 Local Businesses.  Show your card and get your discount, keep your card and use it again and again.  No books to carry, coupons to clip, or stickers to peel off.

Smart Cards are sold as fundraisers for non-profit organizations.  Our consignment plan is what sets us apart allowing groups to sell cards without paying for them up front.  The Smart Card is a locally entity that has been helping organization raise money for 9 years now!

75% Profit Margin!  Your organization keeps $15 of every card sold.

  • Your Organization Wins … when you see how simple the process is and how much money you can raise
  • Merchants Win … because the Smart Cards increase their sales and number of customers
  • Customers Win … because they save money at local restaurants and businesses all while supporting your Great Cause!

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We were established to help you reach your fundraising goals (and beyond) by selling a product that your customers will love buying!

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